2024 Board of Directors Elections 

As an EACE Member, identifying and promoting leaders among us to serve on the EACE Board of Directors is our duty and responsibility. The future success of our organization is dependent on those who guide our association and make critical decisions on our behalf; therefore, all members are asked to vote in the annual elections.

Prior to casting your votes, review board position responsibilities and candidate qualifications and interest in serving by clicking on the board positions and candidate names below. A rubric to assist in your review of the candidates can be found here. You may check a candidate's EACE Service History by searching the online membership directory and reviewing their member profile. Candidates elected to the 2024-2025 EACE Board of Directors will begin their terms on July 1, 2024.

Board Positions and Candidates:

President-Elect (3-year term)

Director, Finance (3-year term)

Director, Career Growth (2-year term)

Director, Member Services (2-year term)

Director, Membership Recruitment & Retention (2-year term)

Director, Technology & Information Management (2-year term)

Cast Your Vote:

Voting is open March 22 through April 5, 2024. Election results will be posted on the EACE website and in the EACE April Update Newsletter which will be distributed on April 25.

Submit Your Ballot


Questions regarding the 2024-2025 Board of Directors Election should be directed to EACE HQ at [email protected].