Diversity & Inclusion Scholarships

EACE Diversity and Inclusion Statement

EACE understands that true diversity extends well beyond historical or legal definitions; it includes every aspect of being human. Be it race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic class, age, sexual orientation, gender expression, religion, physical ability, or job and life circumstance, the differences between us as individuals are the same assets that unite us as a professional community. We affirm the value of our diversity and will work to promote inclusiveness, to encourage understanding, and to celebrate our differences as well as our common threads.

About the Scholarships

EACE offers two Diversity and Inclusion Scholarships each year in memory of Rick McLellan and Ernie Andrews. These are open to both employers and college professionals working in the field and/or graduate students working or intending to work in the field of career services or human resources. 


Applications for the Diversity & Inclusion Scholarships open in August and close on December 31 each year. Information on promoting the scholarships to your colleagues can be found in the EACE D&I Scholarship Marketing Toolkit.


  • Complimentary individual EACE Membership for one fiscal year, July 1 through June 30.

  • Complimentary registration to the 2019 EACE Annual Conference.
    • EACE will provide the recipients with full conference registration at early bird pricing.
    • Recipients must register by early bird registration deadline of April 30, 2019. 

  • Up to $1,500 stipend to be used for:
    • Lodging for the Annual Conference.
      • Two nights in a single room.
      • Recipients must reserve room by group rate deadline is TBD.
    • Travel expenses round-trip for the Annual Conference.
      • Airfare/train/taxi mileage expense.
      • Recipients are expected to make cost-effective arrangements in advance.

  • Enrollment in the EACE Mentor Program.
    • Recipients will be enrolled in the EACE Mentor Program where he/she will be matched with a veteran EACE member who will serve as a professional mentor throughout the recipient's first year of membership.
    • This mentor will serve as an introduction to EACE, help the recipient navigate the Annual Conference, and support the recipient's professional development and continued involvement with EACE.

Thank you to Virginia Tech for sponsoring the D&I Scholarship in name of Ernie Andrews.

Thank you to CSL Behring for sponsoring the D&I Scholarship in name of Rick McLellan.


Additional Information


  • Candidates must be individuals from groups underrepresented in EACE. Individuals from the following groups are strongly encouraged to apply:
    • African-American
    • Latino/a
    • Asian/Pacific Islander
    • American Indian
    • Veterans
    • People with disabilities
    • Members of the LGBTQ
    • Others who feel they may be underrepresented in the profession are encouraged to apply with explanation.
  • Candidates should have never attended an EACE Annual Conference in the past.

  • Candidates should be either a professional or graduate student working in the field of human resources or career services or another related field that is connected to EACE.

  • The recipient is required to actively participate on an EACE Committee the year following the conference.

  • The recipient is required to submit a blog about their conference experience within 2 weeks following the EACE Annual Conference. The blog should be emailed to [email protected]. Click here for an example.


  • The recipient will be responsible for paying for any of the above outlined expenses that exceed the $1,500 stipend.

  • The $1,500 stipend can be used toward the expenses outlined above; any unused monies will remain with the organization to be used for future scholars, programming, etc.

  • Recipients must keep all receipts for the expenses outlined above and submit a reimbursement form to EACE Headquarters at [email protected] within one week after the EACE Annual Conference. Click here to download the EACE reimbursement form.

  • If the recipient chooses to participate in pre-conference sessions and/or conference entertainment events, the expense of these sessions will be the responsibility of the recipient.

  • Any food or entertainment expenses incurred during the conference are the responsibility of the recipient.


The deadline to apply for a 2019 Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship is December 31, 2018.

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Past Recipients

Click here to view past recipients of the EACE Diversity & Inclusion Scholarships.


If you have any questions, please contact the Grants & Scholarships Committee Co-Chairs.