The EACE Mentor Network is designed to give all members an opportunity to foster the sharing of knowledge and experience through mentor-mentee partnerships. The overall goal is to promote the participant’s professional and leadership development within their careers, as well as encourage engagement and leadership within EACE in a simple, self-guided way.

The EACE Mentor Network is the first step of fostering mentorship within EACE in a new, more accessible and sustainable way. 

Mentors: Prior to the first interaction with your mentee, check out these tips to help guide your conversations and ensure each of you (both mentor and mentee) have a meaningful experience!

Joining the Network

Join the Network

Searching for a Mentor or Mentee in the Network

  1. Go to the EACE Member Directory.
  2. Scroll to the EACE Mentor Network search section of the Member Directory and select the criteria you are searching for in a mentor/mentee and click "search."
  3. A list of members fitting your search criteria will appear. Click on a member's listing to view contact information and get started building your relationship! This network is new and may need some time to grow. If you don't find anyone within your desired search results, try back soon as our network will continue to grow!

Current Participants

Already found a match or no longer accepting mentor requests from new mentees? You can easily add and remove yourself from the Mentor Network search results at any time by updating your profile:

  1. Log in to your profile and click "edit" in the box containing your profile information
  2. Scroll down to the mentoring options and uncheck the following box. Make sure to save your selection!


If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Mentoring Sub-Committee Co-Chair.