EACE Bridge Membership Information

EACE Bridge Membership Policy

  • Bridge membership is extended to anyone having lost their positions due to their employers’ economic cutbacks. Bridge Membership is good from the date of approval up until the June 30 anniversary renewal date.
  • The Bridge Membership allows the individual to continue their role as a College/Employer/Associate member, depending upon their status at the time of termination of their employment. 
  • Elected members of the Board, Committee Chairs, and Committee Members are also extended their role for the time elected through the Bridge Membership, if the Board Member, Committee Chair, Committee Member so chooses to remain in their role. 
  • If the board member is in year one of a two or three-year role, they need to sign up as a College/Associate/Employer member when Bridge Membership expires at the end of their first year. 
  • A Bridge Membership must be approved by the Board of Directors.

EACE Bridge Membership Request

All EACE Bridge Membership requests must be made using the form below. You can expect to hear back about the status of your Bridge Membership request within four (4) weeks. 

Submit a Bridge Membership Request


If you have a question regarding EACE Bridge Membership, please contact the Director of Membership Recruitment & Retention.