2021-2022 PR & Marketing Committee

Committees run concurrently with EACE's fiscal year, July 1 - June 30. To view the 2020-2021 committee page, click here.

Committee Purpose/Mission:

Builds the EACE brand through internal and external channels, communications and campaigns. 

Committee Roster:

Board Liaisons
Mallory Powell, Director of Membership Recruitment and Retention, Vector Marketing Corp.
Amy Drakesmith, Director of Public Relations & Communications, New York Institute of Technology
PR & Marketing Committee Co-Chairs
Social Media Sub-Committee:
Narali Taglialavore
Suffolk University
(also Annual Conference Publicity Co-Chair)
EACE Blog Sub-Committee: 
Barbara Zito
Rutgers University, New Brunswick

Membership Outreach Campaigns
Patrick Young
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Social Media Sub-Committee Members
1. Rebecca Cassidy, Georgetown University
2. Jessica Smith, University of Delaware
EACE Blog Sub-Committee Members
1.  Kelsey Craig, Temple Unversity 
2. Joe Rosenlicht, George Washington University
3. Ethan Selinger, Northeastern University
Membership Outreach Campaigns Sub-Committee Members
(special attention to employer engagement)
1. Sarah Andrews, Seton Hall University
2. Christine Cervelli, New Jersey Institute of Technology
3. Erin Obetz, Saint Joseph's University
4. Chris Tsilibes, University of Connecticut

The committee should include one diversity and inclusion (D&I) focused member ensuring that D&I voices and concerns are heard and considered. This position should be noted in the roster above once established and will also serve as a D&I representative working with the Director, D&I. A committee member should also be selected to serve as the second Publicity Co-Chair on the Annual Conference Committee.

Requirements of the Committee

  • Builds the EACE brand through internal and external communications and campaigns.
  • Assists other committees in developing their marketing strategies
  • Manages the EACE social media sites.
  • Manages the EACE blog, Trending, by planning, writing, and/or soliciting contributions.
  • Leads up marketing campaigns for membership recruitment and employer engagement.
  • Works with the conference committee to promote the conference.
  • Hold monthly meetings, work toward goals, report to board
  • Review web-pages related to the committee's activities and work with HQ to make sure they are accurate throughout the year
  • Responsible for ensuring all committee-related dates and deadlines are added to the EACE Master Calendar

Click her to view the complete committee charter and resources.

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