PR & Marketing Committee

Committee Purpose/Mission 

  • Builds the EACE brand through internal and external communications and campaigns. Assists other committees in developing their marketing strategies and manage the EACE social media sites.

  • The committee also coordinates the EACE blog, Trending, by planning, writing and/or soliciting contributions. 

  • Leads up marketing campaign for membership recruitment and employer engagement.

  • Works with the conference committee to promote the conference.


3 co-chairs, 6 committee members selected by co-chairs by August 1

  • One member diversity and inclusion (D&I) focused for the whole committee ensuring that D&I voices and concerns are heard and considered

  • Committee member solicitation should take place between June 1 and August 1.

  • Co-chairs should make every effort to include at least 1 employer member and 1 new member (joined within the past 2 years) in the committee.

  • Co-chairs are responsible for ensuring volunteers are active members of EACE by checking the directory.
Board Liaisons
Christine Cervelli, Director of Membership Recruitment and Retention
Zac Saeva, Director of Public Relations & Communications
PR & Marketing Committee Co-Chairs
Social Media Committee:
Mary Alice Barrows,
William Paterson University 
(Conference Committee Liaison)
EACE Blog Committee: 
Ethan Selinger,
Northeastern University
Membership Outreach Campaigns Committee:
Nadine Verna,
Montclair State University
Social Media Committee Members
1. Theresa Mattern, Wellesley College
2. Janine Bautista, Stevens Institute of Technology
EACE Blog Committee Members
1. Barbara Zito, Rutgers University New Brunswick (D&I Rep)
(Runs reports on analytics for blog and social media effectiveness)
2. Christina Butler, Villanova University
3. Lindsay Baltz, University of Delaware
Membership Outreach Campaigns Committee Members
(special attention to employer engagement)
1. Zoe Makropoulos, Rutgers Business School
2. Sumana Northover, Wellesley College

Requirements of the Committee

  • Hold monthly meetings, work toward goals, report to board

  • Work collaboratively with other committees to help promote their programs

  • Manage EACE social media sites and blog

  • Promote EACE to potential members


Click her to view the complete committee charter and resources.

Must be logged-in and a member of EACE Leadership to access.