2023 Road Trips to the Real World Marketing Toolkit for Career Centers

EACE Road Trips are open to EACE and affiliated Regional ACE member institutions. Back by popular demand - the EACE member career center with the highest student participation wins a complimentary registration to EACE23 - a $529 value!

Marketing Materials:

Purchase prepaid tickets for your students!

Colleges/universities can purchase prepaid student tickets! Purchase your prepaid tickets here. Tickets may be purchased in multiples of $25. After submitting payment for your order, a member of the Connections Committee will provide your unique promo codes to share. Students are responsible for registering themselves for the site visit(s) and either submitting payment ($5 per site visit) or using a prepaid promo code.

Here are five ways to promote this signature program on your campus:

1. Social Media

Check out our Career Center Marketing Toolkit which has sample tweets and Facebook posts ready to go. Follow the suggested timeline, copy and paste, and boom - your students will catch wind of the great sites participating this year. Attach our logo for a nice visual.

2. Campus Announcements

Use your school’s campus-wide announcement system to post a message about Road Trips. We’ve drafted up a sample campus announcement template in the Career Center Marketing Toolkit which, along with our infographic or flyer, will be sure to catch their eye.

3. Targeted Emails

Send targeted emails out to various student groups (specific majors, professional clubs, faculty and academic departments, special student leader groups like RA’s, OL’s, student workers, athletes and coaches, etc.) Use our student email template located in the Career Center Marketing Toolkit and tweak accordingly.

4. Career Management System Messages

Use our campus announcement templates to send mass emails to your students using your Career Management System.

5. Good Old Word of Mouth

Talk to students during your one-on-one appointments, at events, over the phone, or during a workshop. When you have their undivided attention, they’ll be more likely to hear all the great benefits of participating in Road Trips.


Contact the EACE Connections Committee Co-Chairs.