Calling All Employers!

Are you interested in expanding your employer brand and recruiting efforts to college students throughout the Northeast and upper Mid-Atlantic states?

Would you like to have ambassadors on some of the top college campuses who can speak intelligently to students about your organization's open positions and/or internship or co-op programs?

The Professional Exchange Program gives your organization an opportunity to host a site visit for our college career service professional members to learn more about career opportunities at your organization. Career services staff will then be able to help you create awareness of your internship and/or career opportunities with their college students.

Site visits typically include some of the following activities: panel presentations, tours, receptions and an overview of hiring practices. However, the structure of your site visit is completely up to you and what you think will best educate our membership about your opportunities. In the past, Booz Allen Hamilton, Facebook, Madison Square Garden, CVS Caremark, Boston Ballet and many other organizations have participated in the Professional Exchange Program. Check out our Professional Exchange infographic.

Registration for the 2020 program is now open through April 3, 2020.

 Impact of Coronavirus on EACE

EACE continues to monitor the rapidly changing situation related to the spread of COVID-19. We understand that concerns for health, safety, and the impact on event attendance, among other issues, are affecting our members. We commit to maintaining all appropriate sanitary, health, and safety measures and encourage members to follow guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. If there are any changes to EACE's event schedules, we will provide information about virtual options that may be available and/or other specific details.  

EACE Professional Exchange Employer Site Registration Policy

Employers may cancel their site visits up to one week in advance. Check the EACE website for updates to the Professional Exchange Employer site visit schedule.




Do employers need to follow a certain structure for the site visit?

How you set up the visit is completely up to you. Activities include:

  • Informal information session regarding internship/job opportunities available
  • On-site tour
  • Panels of previous interns, new hires, or supervisors with hiring needs

We ultimately trust the employer to have the freedom to plan and develop the visit in a way that our members will most benefit and learn about the opportunities available in your organization to take back to their campuses.

How long are these site visits?

Typically, site visits are two hours. The time frame can be flexible according to the employer’s needs. 

Are host organizations expected to provide a meal for the visitors?

Absolutely not. If you choose not to do so, we’ll be cognizant of the time frame in which we schedule the visit (either the morning prior to lunch or the afternoon after lunch).

Can the employer determine how many attendees they are able to accommodate?

Absolutely. The employer will be asked to determine how many people they are able to host, and registration for your visit will be capped at that number.

Will we have a list of visitors prior to the event and will we be able to obtain required forms for security clearance, if necessary?

Yes, a list of the visitors can be provided and an EACE Committee member will serve as your liaison. Visitors will complete any required forms that you need in advance. Our goal is to work with you.

Do I need to be an EACE member to host a site visit?

No. The employer hosts do not need to be EACE members.



Contact the Connections Committee Co-Chairs.