Welcome EACE 2020-2021 President, Jennifer Rossi Long!

Hello EACE Members!
I am excited to begin this year as president of EACE. I am fortunate to receive a lot of support and mentorship during my year as an incoming president. In particular, I’d like to thank 2019-2020 President, Craig Single, for his leadership, guidance and all of the incredible work that he championed in the past year. I also want to recognize the work of all our board members, committee chairs and committee members. It was inspirational to see first-hand how our volunteers pivoted and innovated to meet the quickly evolving needs of our association and profession. 
As I reflect, I can’t help but spend time acknowledging that we find ourselves in an, especially unique and challenging environment. However, I do believe that with those challenges comes opportunity. I see so much opportunity for us as an Association, us as individuals, and for the students and new hires we engage. Through the lens of identifying and building upon opportunities, my goals for EACE in 2020-2021 are to:
  1. Pivot the priorities of the strategic plan and other association policies to reflect the current and immediate needs of our members. 
  2. Continue to prioritize work related to diversity, equity, access and inclusion, building upon the initiatives started within the last year and focusing on action-oriented next steps.
  3. Develop a plan to leverage technology to shift to a hybrid model that makes future in-person conferences more accessible to members.
At the end of this year, we’ll know we have accomplished what we set out to do, not just by the programs we hosted and how many people engaged, but also by collecting feedback directly from members that tell us where we met their needs, and where we still have an opportunity to evolve and serve.  The focus will be on impact, and not just output.
As I mentioned in my video message, I’d like to encourage everyone to think differently about the work we do, and inclusively about how we approach the work we do.  I am committed to that, and I hope I can count on your partnership, as we approach and embrace the future of EACE. 
Jennifer Rossi-Long
2020-2021 EACE President